In a darkening world of unbelief, confusion and despair it can seem that the light of truth and meaning is but a faint and distant glimmer that will soon be extinguished. The world seems to have fallen headlong into an abyss of endless wars, reckless greed, careless apathy, empty distractions, and vain pursuits of self gratification. This darkness is most intensely felt by the younger generation who are longing for something sensible, authentic and true. Youth of the Apocalypse is a book written by and for this generation as a manifesto that reveals the path from darkness to light. With unashamed honesty it cuts through the clouds of hypocrisy, relativism, and worldly pseudo-religion and presents the realities of Orthodoxy without any apologies. The authors start off by addressing the issues that are literally tearing apart the fabric of innocence such as suicide, insanity, drugs, violence, art, the occult, and the spiritual and philosophical vacuum of our times, and end with suffering, redemption and resurrection.

Youth of the Apocalypse was first written in 1994 by Justin Marler and Andrew Wermuth while living in an Orthodox monastery on an island in Alaska.